What is a Case Study | Format, Outline & Examples (2023)

Knowing how to write a case study is one of the core skills you will need in college. You may feel overwhelmed when you have to write a case study analysis because it requires good analytical and writing skills. But, with practice, you can master this art easily.

If you have to submit a case study soon and you have absolutely no idea where to start from, then this is the right place for you.

Relax and read this blog post to learn how to write a case study assignment in an efficient manner.

Case Study Definition

“What exactly is a case study?”

A case study critically assesses an event, a place, personality, or situation to draw a conclusion. It uses all background information to identify the key problems and recommend further action.

However, you must polish your analytical skills to master case study analysis.

A good case study demonstrates the excellent academic skills of students. But, planning is an important step, especially if you do not want to get into any complicated situation.

To help you write the case study easily, we have explained everything in detail in this blog. Here, you can learn all about the types of case studies and how to write one properly and successfully.

What is a Case Study | Format, Outline & Examples (1)

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Types of Case Study

Here are differenttypes of case studythat you are most likely to deal with in your academic years.

  • Illustrative case study
  • Exploratory case study
  • Cumulative case study
  • Critical instance case study

No matter what type you are writing, you will need to present detailed answers and explanations about the case study questions.

How to Start a Case Study?

“How is the case study done?”

Here are the steps that you need to follow for a smooth start to a case study writing process.

1. Identifying the Problem

The very first step in starting a case-control study is to identify the problem. For example, examining the incompetence of KFC to bring a substantial rise in the revenue.

2. Ponder the Root Source

Problems may originate from an incorrect marketing strategy or the flawed structure of the supply chain.

3. Create an Outline

Ask yourself, what should be the main points of the case study. You shouldn’t keep mixing methods and solutions in the essay. Gather at least 3 to 4 main points to explain in your case study and form an organized outline.

4. Potential Solutions

If you are a student, brainstorm and propose a solution to a social issue or any relevant topic. Keep in mind that different case study subjects have different requirements.

For example, in the business world, the marketing and sales teams write case studies to analyze how their products and services could solve the problems of potential customers. Or how their product would affect their social media audience.

If you are a student, brainstorm and propose a solution to a social issue or any relevant topic. Keep in mind that different case study subjects have different requirements.

How to Write a Case Study?

After making a basic case study analysis, there are some specific steps that you need to follow for writing a perfect case study. These are given below:

1. Introduction

Identify the key issue and write a solid thesis statement in 1-2 sentences. As with any other paper, your case study introduction should serve as a roadmap for your readers.

Your introduction should not only identify the research problem and its significance. But also discuss why this specific case is being written and how it relates to addressing the problem.

A good introduction must answer the following questions:

    • What is being studied?
    • Why is the issue important to investigate?
    • How will this research advance new knowledge or ways of understanding?

    2. Background Information

    Incorporate relevant issues and facts and conduct extensive research on the problem. This is the point where you need to demonstrate how well you have researched your problem.

    3. Alternative Solutions

    Highlight alternative solutions for the problem to come up with the best solutions. Don’t forget to briefly outline the most viable solutions and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

    4. Main Answer

    Always provide a realistic answer to the question asked in the case. Explain the rationale for choosing the solution and justify it. Explain why this solution is proved to be the best and support it with solid evidence.

    You can also utilize concepts from class discussions, lectures, and text readings to help your view. Make sure you have incorporated outside research and personal experiences if necessary.

    5. Recommendations

    Locate specific strategies to accomplish the solution. Suggest further actions and then outline the implementation plan.

    Here are the points that you need to focus on when writing recommendations

      • Choose which of the alternative solutions should be adopted.
      • Briefly write about your choice and explain how it will solve the problem.
      • Integrate the theory and coursework here.

      These are the basic steps that you need to follow for writing any type of case study. However, you can add or remove the sections depending upon the requirements of the case study you are working on.

      Case Study Research

      A case study is a detailed study of a person, group, event, place, phenomenon, or organization. Case study methods are commonly used in social, educational, clinical, and business research.

      A case study research design usually involves qualitative research methods, but in some cases, qualitative research is also used.

      Case studies are great for describing, comparing, evaluating, and understanding different aspects of a research problem.

      Case study research revolves around single and multiple case studies. It also includes quantitative evidence, relies on multiple sources, and benefits from the prior development of previous research.

      Before starting writing your case study, research and think about what you want to learn or prove. You might be aiming to learn how a company develops a new product. You need to base your research questions around the purpose that you want to achieve.

      Case Study Format

      The only thing that matters, in the end, is the score. Figure out the requiredcase study formatand strictly adhere to it.

      APA and MLA are the leading case study formats used in various institutions.

      Writing a Case Study

      Abstract adds to the spice of the paper. Try to craft a solid, brief, and sound abstract as it has immense power to impress or annoy your professors. A common reader also usually reads abstracts to decide if he wants to study the paper.


      Have a look at the following components involved in proofreading. It can remove the mistakes and typos of your paper.

      • Read
      • Re-read
      • Revise
      • Proofread
      • Edit
      • Check for inconsistencies in the flow, structure, or content
      • Check if the thesis statement is sound and clear
      • Investigate the evidence to be relevant, productive, and credible
      • Revisit formatting

      How to Cite a Case Study?

      Citing sources is an integral part. Four kinds of formatting techniques are used to cite case studies:

      • APA format
      • MLA format
      • Chicago style format
      • Harvard style format

      Case Study Outline

      Let’s explore the way an outline is constructed in problem-oriented papers. Make sure that you outline your case study tactfully. You may find thousands of case study templates on the internet for your help.

      Here are the main parts of mainstream educational case studies that you can follow.

      What is a Case Study | Format, Outline & Examples (2)

      Case Study Analysis

      A successful case study analyzes a real-life situation and provides a great opportunity to gather evidence. It challenges existing assumptions about a problem and provides a new set of recommendations.

      Critical thinking and analytical skills matter the most in case studies. They differentiate ordinary paper from outstanding one.

      Ensure that your analysis goes through the following techniques.

      • Brainstorm

        Thoroughly read the case and brainstorm ideas for the different solutions. Do not rely on one solution.

      • Pick Ideas

        Locate ideas that sound the most interesting, as they will form the solution. Be extra careful, as picking the wrong solution is the most common mistake.

      • Make a Rough Draft

        Don’t rush to write the case study neatly in the first step. Take some time to build a neat one.

      Case Study Examples

      Examples are a great way to learn how to do a case study. That’s why we have also compiled a bunch of interestingcase study examplesthat you can go through before starting writing.

      What is a Case Study | Format, Outline & Examples (3)

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      Case Study Introduction Example

      The introduction is the first thing that your readers are going to interact with. So, it is important to formulate a captivating introduction to draw the reader’s attention. Make sure to include a thesis statement and summarize the outcome into 1-2 sentences.

      You can also refer to the following example of a case study and learn how to write an interesting introduction.

      Case Study Introduction Example

      UX Case Study Example

      UX case studies are a great example of design work that designers include in their portfolios. To give you more insights, here is a UX case study design example that you can refer to.

      UX Case Study Example

      Amazon Case Study Example

      Are you looking for an Amazon case study example? Look at this detailed example and learn how to write a case study analysis.

      Amazon Case Study Example

      Business Case Study Example

      In particular, a business case study focuses on telling a story of how your product or service helped people in achieving their short or long-term goals. You can also read this example and understand the essential elements of writing a great case study.

      Business Case Study Example

      APA Format Case Study Example

      Wondering how to write a case study in APA format? Keep in mind that there are certain APA format guidelines that you need to follow throughout.

      Refer to this APA format case study example for more help.

      APA Format Case Study Example

      Psychology Case Study Example

      A case study in psychology refers to the use of a descriptive research approach for an in-depth analysis of a subject such as a person, group, or organization.

      Below we have provided a great example for you to learn how to write a case study in psychology.

      Psychology Case Study Example

      Medical Case Study Example

      A medical case study is a detailed report of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease. If you need to submit a medical case study soon, the following example will help you start the writing process.

      Medical Case Study Example

      Get Expert Case Study Writing Help

      We hope now the idea of making a case study would not haunt you. By now, you must be confident enough to take your pen and start working on your case study. However, it may take some time to develop and polish your craft.

      Follow the rules defined in this guide and practice writing case studies.

      Case study writing can be tricky as it is designed to help students demonstrate an understanding of a particular topic and how it affects the surrounding. Since it is such a difficult paper to write - an increasing number of students turn to case study writing services for help.

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