The Fragrance Notes That Last The Longest (2023)

Considering the price one might spend on the perfect perfume, it would be nice if it lasted longer than the morning commute, right? So if you’ve found that fragrance fades quite quickly on your skin, it’s time to get acquainted with the fragrance notes that last the longest.

No matter your scent preference, there are tips you can follow to find a spritz that’ll last the distance. Whether you like a fragrance infused with rose or are on the hunt for your wedding day scent, it’s all in the formula.

Even if your favourite note isn’t considered ‘long-lasting’, it can be supported by other elements to help it wear for longer.

Ready to smell good for a long time? Here’s what you need to know.

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Look out for musk and woody notes

Musk and woody families frequently feature among the fragrance notes that last the longest. Particularly if they’re present in the base of a perfume. This is because the oils tend to evaporate at a slower rate than those with a fruity or floral base, meaning they’re noticeable for longer.

Choose the right strength

How long your perfume sticks around has a lot to do with which kind of fragrance you buy. Generally, if a fragrance has a lower concentration of essential oils, it will fade faster.

Ever wondered about the difference between EDPs and EDTs? One such divider is their concentration levels.

Parfums contain the largest volume of essential oils, which means they take the longest to evaporate. Eau de parfums (EDPs) are next in line for lingering time, followed by eau de toilette (EDT). Eau de cologne contains the least amount of long-lasting essential oils and will therefore not last as long on the skin.

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Top tip: Consider fragrance layering for extra longevity too. Combine two scents or match a divine-smelling body lotion with your favourite perfume. And if all else fails, carry an affordable body mist for quick touch-ups throughout the day. We like Aéropostale Twilight Dreams Body Mist ($15 at Priceline).

Top 5 fragrance notes that last the longest

#1 Patchouli

A standalone note, patchouli is very strong and sweet but can also be earthy and musky. It’s one that changes depending on the mix it’s in as well as the wearer.

Find it in: Lancôme La vie est belle L’Eau de Parfum, $112 at Myer

#2 White musk

White musk is a versatile note that’s often found at the base of unforgettable fragrances.

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Find it in: Ariana Grande R.E.M., $65 at Chemist Warehouse

#3 Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a woody note that works well when paired with other fragrance families but also heroes in masculine scents.

Find it in: J-Lo Live EDP Spray, $39.99 at Chemist Warehouse

#4 Tuberose

If you love a fresh green and floral scent, tuberose is a favourite. The fact it’s long-lasting is a bonus.

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Find it in: AERIN Tuberose Le Jour EDP, $320 at Myer

#5 Freesia

Freesia essential oil has a fresh, heady scent that’s perfect for use in bath, body and perfume products.

Find it in: Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia, $106 at Myer

Which fragrance notes do you look for in a scent? Which fragrance of yours do you think sticks around for the longest?

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