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Many people want straight, sleek, and healthy hair, but straightening your hair with hot tools will strip the moisture of your hair, even causing drying, coarse, and breakage. Luckily, there are several ways of straightening your hair without heat that isn’t damaging and can even make your hair stronger. Now keep reading to learn more knowledge on how to straighten curly hair without heat.

What You Will Learn From This Article:

1. How To Straighten Natural Hair With Straightening Shampoo And Conditioner

2. How To Straighten Natural Curly Hair With Hair Mask

3. How To Straighten 4C Hair With Hair Ties

4. How To Straighten Your Hair With Hair Wrapping

5. How To Straighten Curly Hair With Plastic Rollers

How To Straighten Natural Hair With Straightening Shampoo And Conditioner

Step 1 Use Straightening Shampoo And Conditioner

First of all, please use straightening shampoo and conditioner to wash and conditioner your hair, which can effectively straighten and smooth your natural hair without heat damage.

After all, These products are formulated to heavily moisturize and weigh down curls for straighter locks.

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If you don’t already, use a professional shampoo and conditioner and try to avoid shampoo that contains harsh chemicals, such as sulfates and parabens as they can damage your hair.

Step 2 Use An Extra-absorbent Towel

Then take an extra-absorbent towel to absorb extra moisture from your hair. Instead of using any old towel, invest in an extra absorbent towel such as a microfiber towel that is designed to absorb moisture without causing frizz.

Of course, you can also use a t-shirt to gently dry your hair as an alternative.


1. It’s important to be gentle when towel drying your hair, as rubbing your hair together too roughly can cause frizziness.

2. Hold the extra-absorbent towel around the tips of your hair to absorb moisture and slowly work your way up to your hair, absorbing as you go. Then gently tousle your hair with the towel, making sure not to rub the ends of your hair together if you have long hair.

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Step 3 Blow Dry With Cool Air And Brush

After you’ve let your hair air-dry about three-quarters of the way, divide your hair into sections as you normally would, and use the “cool” setting on your blow-dryer, making sure that your blow-dryer is moving continuously from root to tip. In the end, use a flat paddle brush to brush your hair.

That is because blow-drying your hair with hot air is not only damaging to your hair but also creates frizz and encourages curls.


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1. Keep the blow-dryer about six inches away from your hair while you dry it.

2. Blow drying with cold air will take longer than drying with hot air. If you are in a hurry or are timing your morning, it may be very inconvenient. Of course, you can choose to let it air dry.

Step 4 Use A Smoothing Product In Your Hair

Once your hair is almost dry, use smoothing hair cream or mousse to discourage frizz and waves in your hair. Besides that, you can try to find a product that contains a natural smoothing agent like coconut oil or jojoba oil to relax your hair, too.

How To Straighten Natural Curly Hair With Hair Mask

Step 1 Make Hair Mask By Yourself

As we all know, deep-conditioning your hair with a DIY hair mask can give it a shinier and straighter appearance, especially hair masks that are meant to restore protein to hair could make curly hair appear more relaxed.

For instance, it is best to try a hair mask that uses raw egg, manuka honey, or avocado for a deep-conditioning effect.

Or you can also use warmed coconut oil or almond oil as hot-oil treatments to infuse and strengthen curly hair.

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Step 2 Apply Hair Mask To Your Hair

Use your fingers to apply your DIY hair mask evenly throughout your hair and let it soak into your hair for 1 hour while you wear a plastic shower cap.

Step 3 Wash Out Hair Mask

After one hour, take the plastic shower cap, and then wash it out of your hair with clean water.

How To Straighten Hair With Hair Ties

If you are a newbie to these no heat hair straightening methods, it is a great way to help loosen your curls but won’t make your hair completely straight.

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Step 1 Wet Your Hair

Wet your hair, either from showering or from rinsing your hair briefly in the sink.

Step 2 Tie Ponytails

Section your hair into two low ponytails and secure each ponytail with a hair tie near the base of your neck.

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Step 3 Secure Ponytails

Use another pair of hair ties to loosely tie the ponytails 2 inches (5 cm) below where the first ponytail ties are and keep applying hair ties.

During the process, try to tie the hair ties loosely, as tying them tightly may leave dent marks or crimps in your hair.

Step 4 Let Ponytail Overnight

Leave the two ponytails on all night and untie them in the morning for straighter hair.

But there is a point you need to notice: if you’re sleeping with wet hair, please make sure to sleep on a satin pillowcase as this helps reduce hair friction and avoid hair breakage while you sleep. The reduction of friction is also great for a straighter appearance in the morning.

How To Straighten Your Hair With Hair Wrapping

Wrapping your hair is one of the oldest and most reliable techniques for no heat hair straightening, and one of the more popular ways to get straight hair without heat styling, too.

But not everyone knows how to straighten your hair effectively. Although there are different methods for different hair textures and lengths, the basics are pretty much the same. You’ll need long bobby pins, as well as satin hair wrapping scarves or turbans.

Step 1 Brush Hair Flat

Start by separating the top sections of your hair from the exact spot where you part your hair. Using a fine-toothed comb, comb the entire length of your hair flat.

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Step 2 Wrap Hair

Hold your hair completely taut and bring one section of your hair around to the opposite side of your head from where it naturally falls and pin it tightly to the side of your head. Next, You’ll need to repeat this method for another section of your hair.

Step 3 Secure Hair

Before Sleeping After pinning your hair, place a silk scarf or a hair turban around your head to reduce frizz while you sleep and take down your hair in the morning.

How To Straighten Hair With Plastic Rollers

We know that the thought of using rollers for no heat hair straightening seems quite contradictive, but it is a great way to help flatten your hair while you sleep.

For this hair straightening method to work perfectly, make sure you use large, wide curlers and roll them very tightly so you straighten out all curls.

Step 1 Spray Straightening Spray

Startby generously spraying the entire length of your hair with a hair straightening spray until your hair stays damp for the entire process for perfect results.

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Step 2 Use Plastic Rolls

Divide your damp hair into medium sections and roll the rollers into your hair before you go to bed until these sections reach the roots. If you don’t want to keep it on for the entire night, at least leave the rollers on for 4 hours before taking them out.

Step 3 Remove Rollers

Gently remove the rollers and brush your hair to make them look super shiny and straight.

Keep in mind to use plastic rollers as opposed to Velcro or foam.

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What is Brazilian Virgin Remy hair? ›

Virgin hair is 100% human hair that's never been chemically-treated or dyed. Remy hair is human ponytail hair with the cuticle in one direction, but it can be dyed or treated hair.

Which is better virgin hair or Remy hair? ›

Usually virgin hair or hair that has been minimally processed to protect the integrity of the hair has cuticle in tact. REMY hair is a smoother, shinier, and healthier appearance than NON-REMY. This hair feels amazing even after multiple times being washed.

Is Remy Hair Brazilian hair? ›

Brazilian Remy Hair is often said to be sourced from the rural regions of Brazil, this virgin hair is thick, soft and naturally wavy. Compared to Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair comes available in a wide range of colors and lengths and is often much shinier and silkier than Peruvian hair.

How long does Brazilian Remy hair last? ›

Remy hair extensions are worth purchasing for the lifespan alone, as they last much longer than other hair extensions on the market. By correctly looking after your Remy extensions, you can expect Indian hair to last between six to eight months, and Russian hair to last between 10 to 12 months.

Is Virgin Brazilian Hair good quality? ›

Purchasing Brazilian virgin hair is really a big challenge but is also a great investment. Because pure virgin hair offers you the highest quality texture and always blends well with your own natural hair.

What is the highest quality human hair? ›

What Are The Grades? Those are the human hair grades currently being used within the industry 3A being the lowest quality hair and 10A the highest.

What is the best quality type of hair extensions? ›

If the highest-quality option is what you're after, look for a brand that uses Remy hair, human hair that has its cuticles intact and has never been dyed or processed in any way. (Pro tip: Once you've made your choice, Ramirez suggests having your extensions cut by your stylist to achieve a natural, seamless look.)

Which virgin hair type is best? ›

When buying natural hair, the best types to consider are Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian Hair. Though the four hair types have some differences, there are also similarities. They are both of good quality with similar body and natural wave patterns.

Is Remy hair real human hair? ›

“Remy” or “Remi” means hair extension where all the cuticles are intact and not at all stripped. These hair extensions are made from the finest quality 100% virgin Remy human hair with the cuticle left intact.

Is Remy Hair human or synthetic? ›

Remy hair is a hairpiece or wig that is also made of real human hair with the cuticle still intact. So if a product is described as 'Remy' you can be assured it is not synthetic. The main difference between Remy hair and human hair wigs is that when Remy hair is collected the cuticle is still intact.

What's the difference between Brazilian and virgin hair? ›

Here is the list of differences that you need to consider while choosing virgin hair weave. 1Brazilian hair is straight or wavy, the course has high luster, and holds a curl well. 2Malaysian hair is wavy, silky, very shiny, and holds a curl. 3Indian hair is wavy/curly, soft has high luster, and holds a curl.

Can you wash Brazilian Remy Hair? ›

It's crucial that you wash your extensions at least once a week to keep them free of odors, pollution and styling residue. When you do wash your remy hair extensions, its best to agitate your locks in a downward motion using the palms of your hands.

Does Brazilian extensions damage hair? ›

If you are concerned about too much tension being placed on the scalp due to Brazilian knot extensions, fear not: The elastic threads used during the application process are specifically designed to minimize hair damage. Another major benefit of Brazilian knot extensions is their ability to stand the test of time.

Can Brazilian damage your hair? ›

The bottom line. A Brazilian blowout can be harmful to your health and hair. One of its main ingredients is a known cancer-causing chemical, formaldehyde. Brazilian blowouts and other smoothing treatments also contain other chemicals that can cause side effects and allergic reactions.

Is Indian Remy or Brazilian hair better? ›

Virgin Brazilian and Indian hair are both excellent choices when it comes to buying virgin hair weave. If you need hair that is thicker and coarser, then Brazilian hair is best for you. If you're in the need of soft and wavy hair, Indian hair is the best for you.

How do you wash Brazilian hair? ›

How to wash a Brazilian Hair Weave?
  1. Brush before bed and before washing your extensions. Tangle Taming Tricks: ...
  2. Use warm water to wash your Brazilian hair weave with sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. It is crucial to wash your mink extensions with sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner.

Is Brazilian hair real human hair? ›

Of course Brazilian hair is made purely out of human hair, but the “100% human hair” category is considered to be the lowest level of quality in this market. It is generally sold in packs (not bundles) and at a lower price point.

What grade is Remy hair? ›

Grades Of Human Hair Extensions

Grade AAA 100% human remy hair 60% drawn - e.g. in a bundle of 18", around 60% of the hairs will measure 18".

Which Brazilian grade is the best? ›

Then there was “6A” hair in 2014. That was then the best hair extensions. In 2015 we were introduced to “7A” Brazilian hair weave which was considered the new top grade. The amazing “8A” virgin hair was then popular in 2016 and now in 2017, the “9A” hair weave is the best.

Which nationality have the best hair? ›

Caucasian, Asian and Indian hair samples were put to the test for the World's Best Hair study. Their results put an end to any splitting of hairs over the issue: in terms of health, the Indian hair is the best, topping other ethnic groups on all four counts.

What is the most damaging type of hair extension? ›

Microbead/micro loop

In fact, this is the most unsafe hair extension method that can cause quite some damage! Here, the strands are attached with metal loops that make the styling heavier and weaken the roots often causing headaches if not installed properly.

What type of extensions stay in the longest? ›

Which Hair Extensions Last The Longest?
  • Tape in hair extensions (4 to 8 weeks) ...
  • Sewn-in hair extensions (6 to 8 weeks) ...
  • Pre-bonded or fusion hair extensions (3 to 4 months) ...
  • Microlinks (3 to 4 months) ...
  • Clip-in hair extensions (3 to 6 months) ...
  • Wigs (10 to 12 months)
21 May 2021

What are the 3 types of hair extensions? ›

There are four types of hair extensions, according to Rauchet: tape-in, clip-in, bonded, and halo hair extensions. And while they all share one common goal—creating long, luxurious hairstyles—they're all different in terms of application, texture, and longevity.

What are the 4 types of hair? ›

Type 1 hair is straight. Type 2 is best described as wavy. Type 3 hair is curly, and type 4 is coily.

What is so special about virgin hair? ›

It is unprocessed, so it has not been bleached, permed, dyed, or chemically altered. Due to the unprocessed nature of this hair, it is very durable and can be bleached, dyed, and chemically altered without damage when done professionally. Raw virgin hair is a very high-quality hair type True Glory is best known for!

What kind of extensions does Kim Kardashian wear? ›

Bellami. The products of this brand are favored by Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner, Keri Hilson, and other celebrities.

What are the most natural looking hair extensions? ›

In general, however, fusion type hair extensions offer the most natural appearance. Micro-ring or I-Tip styles are probably your best option for the most natural look. Using a clamping or heat bonding process, these types of extensions are attached directly to the natural hair in segments called strands.

What extensions do celebrities use? ›

Nowadays, custom clip-ins are very popular among celebrities because they can customize these extensions any way they like. For instance, clients can change the width of the actual rows, length, and color, to fit their needs. Clip-ins can't expire; they just wear out over time.

How can you tell fake Remy hair? ›

Cut a small piece of hair from your hairpiece and introduce it to a flame. If it burns, turns into little balls, and smells like a burning furnace, then it is real Remy hair. If it melts, balls up, smells like burning plastic, and produces black smoke, then you've been sold synthetic hair.

Are Remy hair extensions good quality? ›

Remy hair is considered the finest quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact unlike most other non-remy hair extensions. Aligning and preserving the hair cuticles in a unilateral direction ensures the natural look and feel of hair extensions.

Is Remy hair more expensive? ›

Remy Hair is generally more expensive.

It is hair that is shaved off the donors head and bundled in such a manner that all the hair is kept in one direction. By doing so, the cuticles of the hair do not get roughed up as much and stay smooth.

What does virgin hair mean? ›

Virgin hair refers to hair that is undamaged, unprocessed and completely intact. Not all healthy hair can be classed as virgin hair however. To qualify, hair must meet specific standards including: no previous bleach, colour, dye or chemical processing.

Can you put heat on Remy hair extensions? ›

You can heat style your remy hair extensions just as you do with your natural hair, and blow-dry, curl and straighten them, but keep in mind human hair extensions will damage just like your own hair. You should always use a heat protector spray before applying hot curling and straightening irons to any extension hair.

Why is it called Remy hair? ›

The meaning of “Remy hair”

Hair is known as “Remy” when each hair in a lock or bunch is lying in the same root-tip direction. The root-tip direction is the same natural direction in which the hair grows on our head.

Is Brazilian hair extensions good? ›

Brazilian weaves are more durable than standard weaves. The hair will stay looking great for longer than other types of extensions. When cared for properly, Brazilian extensions can last up to 6 months!

Is Brazilian or human hair better? ›

Brazilian hair is one of the best choices among hair weaves. It is very soft and has a brilliant shine. Also, Brazilian hair extensions have a very natural texture added to it. Both Peruvian Hair and Brazilian Hair are 100% natural human hair, also known as virgin hair.

What is the benefit of Brazilian hair? ›

A Brazilian blowout is a type of keratin treatment, using liquid keratin to create a smooth, protected layer around each hair strand. This smooth, impenetrable surface means that hair can't frizz and tangle as it used to when the hair surface is damaged, so you get amazingly gorgeous hair that's easy to style.

Can you curl Brazilian Remy Hair? ›

Yes, you can curl Remy hair. You can heat style your Remy hair extensions just as you would with your natural hair.

Can Brazilian Human Remy take heat? ›

Because it's real hair, it's safe to wash, dye, cut, and styled like natural hair. It can also withstand heat like natural hair, so you can feel comfortable taking your favorite barrel wand to it. Another perk of remy hair is that the cuticles are still intact and not stripped.

How do you keep Brazilian hair silky? ›

How to wash and maintain Brazilian hair at home
  1. Gently brush the hair with a detangling brush to avoid tangles and breakage. ...
  2. Detangle the hair before washing.
  3. Gently wash hair in warm water using a gentle, moisturising shampoo. ...
  4. Rinse using warm water.
  5. Condition the hair, once again not scrunching the hair.

Which extensions are best for thin hair? ›

Clip-in hair extensions are the best for thin hair. Strands are attached to your natural hairstyle by means of small clips. You can do such styling for a party or any event and take it off as soon as you return home. Due to this, the risk of damage is virtually nil, as you do not wear extensions permanently.

How long do Brazilian extensions last? ›

The maximum time that it is recommended you use these hair extensions is around 5 to 6 months. It is always best to get the Brazilian Knot extensions removed by a hair professional.

Do hair extensions ruin hair growth? ›

Hair extensions are a great way to add extra volume to your hair or enhance your natural length, but they are often surrounded by one question – do hair extensions cause hair loss? The short answer is no – by themselves, hair extensions do not cause hair loss.

Which is better Brazilian or keratin? ›

What's the Difference Between Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin Treatments? Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments essentially have the same effect on hair: both eliminate frizz and boost shine. They're safe for all hair types and can be done on color-treated hair. However, Brazilian blowouts are more customizable.

Can I shampoo my Brazilian hair? ›

While other keratin treatments require you to avoid water for the first few days, there is no downtime with Brazilian Blowouts. You can wash your hair any time after your Brazilian Blowout treatment. Unlike other keratin treatments, the liquid keratin in a Brazilian Blowout is absorbed immediately.

How often can I Brazilian my hair? ›

A Brazilian blowout typically lasts about three months where a keratin treatment typically lasts three to five months. This all depends on how often you shampoo and the natural texture of your hair.

What is the difference between Indian Remy and Brazilian Virgin hair? ›

1. Remy hair is processed hair; Virgin hair is non-chemical processed hair. 2. The donors of Remy hair used to dye, perm or bleach their hair while the donors of Virgin human hair never used any chemical products.

What is the best type of virgin hair to buy? ›

1 - Vietnamese Hair Weave

The hair is very silky and soft and is often compared with Brazilian hair. The hair is mostly raw, virgin, and black, which is of the highest quality hair for weaving. It's often referred to as the best human hair for sew in weave.

Why is Brazilian hair the best? ›

Brazilian hair always is the best-selling and top-quality human hair type in the market. Its advantages are that Brazilian hair is durable, thick, silky, smooth, and blends well with many hair textures.

How much does a Brazilian hair cost? ›

A Brazilian Blowout usually costs between $75 and $325, depending on your hair length, type, and condition. A Brazilian Blowout is a type of keratin treatment that bonds to your hair to eliminate frizz, increase shine, and decrease damage from the elements.

Is Brazilian hair straight or curly? ›

The texture of Brazilian hair usually can be offered in wavy, straight and curly. The type of the hair can be kept for a longer time with a good maintenance.


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