Pokemon Go best attackers ranked: Mewtwo, Dragonite, more (2023)

The abundance of Pokemon in Pokemon Go is great but it also leads to confusion during team formation, Raids, and PvP battles. Here’s a Pokemon Go tier list featuring the best attackers in the game that you must add to your party.

Ash’s Pikachu might have been able to defeat the likes of Latios, Regice, and Mega Lucario in the anime, but the combat in Pokemon games rarely encourages such surprises. Every Pokemon has a fixed set of stats and a type that influences how it will perform in battles.

Many fan favorites like Pikachu and Charizard are terrible for combat in Pokemon Go and even their Shadow variants cannot compete with some regular Pokemon. Hence, it is only natural for players to be perplexed about using their valuable resources like Stardust and evolution items.

Here’s a list of the best attackers in Pokemon Go that are certainly worth your investment.

  • 10 best attackers in Pokemon Go and their best move set
    • 10. Dragonite
    • 9. Tyranitar
    • 8. Lucario
    • 7. Kyogre
    • 6. Rampardos
    • 5. Dialga
    • 4. Reshiram
    • 3. Chandelure
    • 2. Rayquaza
    • 1. Mewtwo
  • List of best attackers in Pokemon Go with type, weakness, strength, and stats

10 best attackers in Pokemon Go and their best move set

While it is not possible to rank the 700 Pokemon in Pokemon Go in a single tier list, we’ve come up with ten attackers that lead the charge in their respective types.

The list also considers the availability of Pokemon. Super-rare sightings such as Deoxys haven’t been included despite their explosive attacking abilities as most players won’t be able to unlock them.

10. Dragonite

It is no surprise that Dragonite has made this list. This Dragon-Flying-type beast has always been a reliable ally during combat. It is weak against Ice, Rock, Fairy, and Dragon-type Pokemon but compensates for this by resisting damage from Ground, Grass, Fire, Water, Fighting,andBug-typePokemon.

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The best move set for Dragonite in Pokemon Go: Dragon Tail (fast move) & Draco Meteor (charge move).

9. Tyranitar

Tyranitar has a pseudo Legendary status and lives up to this with its great offensive stats. It belongs to Dark and Rock types and is very weak against Fighting-type Pokemon. However, it can resist damage from Normal, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Fire, Dark, and Psychic Pokemon.

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With its high CP, Tyranitar is ideal for Master League battles and it will easily defeat Flying, Fire, or Ice-type opponents in PvE battles as well.

The best move set for Tyranitar in Pokemon Go: Smack Down & Stone Edge.

8. Lucario

Lucario is arguably one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go because it has amazing offensive stats and belongs to Fighting and Steel types. Defensively, Steel is the strongest type in the game which indirectly gives Lucario more time to unleash its powerful attacks.

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Lucario is effective in Gym battles, Team Go Rocket battles, Raids, and the Go Battle League. Basically, you won’t ever regret spending your Stardust on it.

The best move set for Lucario in Pokemon Go: Counter & Aura Sphere.

7. Kyogre

The best Water-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Kyogre, certainly deserves a spot on this list. The Legendary Pokemon can help you take down other Legendaries like Moltres, Entei, and Groudon in the Master League and during Raids.

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Electric and Grass are the only two types that can be a bone of contention for Kyogre. Apart from that, it has enough HP and Defense to remain on the battlefield for a long time.

The best move set for Kyogre in Pokemon Go: Waterfall & Hydro Pump.

6. Rampardos

Rampardos is one of the best Rock-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go with 219 Stamina and a whopping 295 attack. It is weak against Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water-types but can easily outshine Fire, Flying, Normal, and Poison-type Pokemon.

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Rampardost might not yield the best results during PvP battles in the Go Battle league but you can always rely on it for Raids and Gyms.

The best move set for Rampardos in Pokemon Go: Smack Down and Rock Slide.

5. Dialga

With a Dialga in your team, it is unlikely that you’ll ever struggle in the Pokemon Go Master League. It is a nightmare for other Dragon-type Pokemon and can withstand Fairy-type opponents such as Togekiss and Sylveon.

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Dialga might not have the best move sets in the game but it benefits significantly from its Dragon and Steel-type. It is only weak against Fighting and Ground-types.

Dialga is an equally excellent Pokemon for Raids and Gyms. Hence, you should look out for it whenever it is available in Raids.

The best move set for Dialga in Pokemon Go: Metal Claw and Draco Meteor.

4. Reshiram

Reshiram is a Legendary Dragon and Fire-type Pokemon and yes, it is as intimidating as it sounds. It is great against Steel and Dragon-type Pokemon that usually dominate the Master League in Pokemon Go.

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Reshiram’s stats are the same as Dialga and it performs really well against some Raid bosses like Mega Beedrill, Scizor, Registeel, Mega Abomasnow, and Zekrom. If you’re lacking a strong Fire-type to carry you in battles, this Legendary creature should be on your radar.

The best move set for Reshiram in Pokemon Go: Fire Fang and Overheat.

3. Chandelure

When it comes to Ghost-type attackers, Chandelure beats Gengar and even surpasses Blaziken as a Fire-type DPS. Considering the fact that Chandelure is far more accessible than Legendary Pokemon like Moltres and Groudon, it is a must-have Pokemon for casual players.

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Chandelure isn’t the most suitable for PvP battles in the Go Battle League, but you will witness its true potential in PvE battles such as Gyms and Raids. It is worth noting that Chandelure is one of the best Pokemon to defeat Mewtwo which happens to be the best attacker in Pokemon Go.

The best move set for Chandelure in Pokemon Go: Fire Spin & Shadow Ball.

2. Rayquaza

Rayquaza has been the strongest attacker in several Pokemon games, and Pokemon Go is no exception. With its 284 ATK, you can expect lethal damage from its STAB (Same type attack bonus) moves.

Rayquaza is a Dragon-Flying-type Pokemon that largely struggles against Ice-types. However, it compensates for this by resisting damage from strong types such as Grass, Ground, Bug, Fighting, Fire, and Water.

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Rayquaza can learn Dragon and Flying-type moves that naturally add to its viability in PvP and PvE battles.

The best move set for Rayquaza in Pokemon Go: Dragon Tail & Outrage.

1. Mewtwo

Even after years, we haven’t found a better attacker than Mewtwo in Pokemon Go. It has been the best attacker since its release and is dominating the Go Battle League, Raids, and Gym battles as of September 2022.

Mewtwo is a Legendary Psychic beast that only struggles against Dark, Bug, and Ghost-type opponents.

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Mewtwo has a massive attack stat and can learn a wide range of Charge moves. Every resource that you invest in this Pokemon will definitely yield good results. If you haven’t caught it yet, check out this guide on how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go.

The best move set for Mewtwo in Pokemon Go: Confusion & Psystrike.

List of best attackers in Pokemon Go with type, weakness, strength, and stats

This chart will list the type of the best attackers in Pokemon Go, their stats, strengths, and weaknesses:

PokemonTypeWeakest against Strongest against (depends on moves)AttackDefenseStaminaMax CP
Dragonite Dragon, FlyingIce, Rock, Dragon, FairyDragon, Fighting, Bug, Grass2631982094287
TyranitarRock, DarkFighting, Bug, Fairy, Grass, Ground, Steel, WaterFlying, Bug, Fire, Ice, Ghost, Psychic
LucarioFighting, SteelFighting, Fire, GroundFighting, Bug, Grass, Ice, Rock, Fairy2361441723056
KyogreWaterElectric, GrassGround, Rock, Fire2702282054652
RampardosRock Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, WaterFlying, Bug, Fire, Ice2951092193728
DialgaSteel, DragonFighting, GroundIce, Rock, Fairy, Dragon2752112054565
ReshiramDragon, FireDragon, Ground, RockDragon, Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice2752112054565
ChandelureGhost, FireDark, Ghost, Ground, Rock, WaterGhost, Psychic, Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice2711821553695
RayquazaDragon, FlyingIce, Rock, Dragon, FairyDragon, Fighting, Bug, Grass2841702134336
MewtwoPsychicBug, Dark, GhostFighting, Poison3001822144724

To avoid the dominance of Dragon-type Legendaries in the entire list, we’ve picked some accessible Pokemon like Chandelure, Lucario, Dragonite, and Tyranitar too.

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Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company

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