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D82 wrote:New clip featuring Mirabel and her dad.

Wilmer Valderrama's voice doesn't suit the dad's character design. It creates the impression the sound isn't coming out of the character; that it's a voice-over. The bit with Dolores at the end was cute though.

D82 wrote:More TV spots and promos.

Camilo seems to have the most funny scenes in the movie. Like the one where's he playing with the ball as an old lady or the one where he's making fun of Mariano.

D82 wrote:I like the idea for the visuals; how Mirabel is literally "transported" to her uncle and aunt's wedding. Though, I've noticed their wedding outfits are exactly the same as their usual ones, but white. I guess it's to save money and I understand it since they're probably dressed like that for just a couple of shots, but that's something that didn't happen in traditional animation.

I like the concept too. It lets you witness the events in question instead of just hearing about it. You're right about the outfits. This happens often with computer-animated films. A lot of assets get reused to save time and money, not only within the same film but from one to another too. I'm not fond of the practice as it makes them look cheap, in my opinion.

D82 wrote:The fact that she looks more like an adult than a teenager, as I first thought she would given her age, and that her family is pretty much like royalty in the town where she lives are two things that make me suspect she could indeed be included.

I think they'll probably induct both Raya and Mirabel into the line-up at the same time.

Farerb wrote:Inside Your Heart was much better than Dos Oruguitas.

I find both to be pretty middle-of-the-road and unexceptional, but I suppose "Inside Your Heart" does have a slight edge over "Dos Oruguitas".

Farerb wrote:Also since I guess there are people who like spoilers, this is a major one from the final song: Mariano and Isabela do break up and he ends up with Dolores.

I saw this coming and I still hated it. Also, this development means that Bruno's prophecy about Dolores doesn't come true which is odd given how all of his other ones do.

Farerb wrote:I agree, I think it's because of the short hair, the glasses and the earrings. Each on its own won't make her look older, but everything combined makes her look like a kindergarten teacher, especially when she's next to the kids.

I'd say her outfit as well. Its cut and the fact it has embroidery on it, adds to that.

D82 wrote:And more promos.

LMM's Disney trivia game is weak. It's understandable not recalling the name of the kingdom in Frozen, but not knowing the line "family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten" from Lilo & Stitch is unacceptable. That line is famous and gets repeated so many times throughout the film. I'm questioning if he's actually watched any post-'90s Disney movies now. It's also ironic he gets wrong the lyrics to Daughters of Triton given he's working on the live-action remake. Page 43 · DVDizzy Forum (1) No sister of Ariel's is named Athena, Lin! That's her mom's name.

D82 wrote:There's also a new clip featuring Mirabel and her mother in this article.

Mirabel's facial expressions when she's talking about Isabela are a little too exaggerated. It comes off as unnaturally cartoony.

robster16 wrote:What in the Shakira meets N Sync* circa 2001 is this?! The most "modern" sounding Disney soundtrack song to actually be part of the movie ever?! Yet also the most dated sounding one?!

Page 43 · DVDizzy Forum (2) "Surface Pressure" and "What Else Can I Do" definitely fit that bill.

robster16 wrote:Apparently I'm not a Lin-Manuel Miranda kinda guy. VERY high on lyrical content a little low on instant satisfying melody as far as I'm concerned... (makes me kinda nervous as to what he'll bring to TLM). and those damn same Miranda style spit rap vocal stylings....

When you say "high on lyrical content", do you mean lyric-heavy or high-quality lyrics? If it's the latter, I disagree. His lyrics are very basic and simplistic. They lack intricacy and cleverness and there's a lot of repetition going on. I agree that he has trouble conjuring up satisfying melodies. I'm not a fan of his signature rapping style either.

Clindor wrote:As expected a new featurette to go along with the release of the soundtrack today.

It seems the part with the unconventional animation is during Isabela's song.

D82 wrote:I liked "Dos Oruguitas" from the beginning, now I love it as well. I think it'll definitely be nominated at the Oscars. And depending on how competitive the category is, it might even win, since similarly to "Remember Me" from Coco, it seems it'll play at an emotional moment in the film and will be very important to the story, which will probably help.

I also believe a nomination is a lock. Oscar members tend to cling on to the type of songs they like and keep voting for them. "Dos Oruguitas" has the same ingredients as "Remember Me". Both are Latin-flavored songs from critically-acclaimed animated movies that have a lyrical, lullaby-like quality to them, are performed by Latino singers, and are played during emotional sequences in their respective films. "Dos Oruguitas" will be a front-runner for sure, but I'm not certain it will win. "No Time to Die" seems to be its biggest rival right now.

D82 wrote:Regarding "We Don't Talk About Bruno", I wanted to add that the different types of music used for each character who sings in it work really well together, in my opinion.

"We Don't Talk About Bruno" doesn't feature different types of music though. It's the same musical style throughout. There must have been some miscommunication in the press about it.

D82 wrote:Here's how I would rank the songs right now (I haven't included the last one as I've only listened to the beginning of it in order to avoid spoilers).

Here's my ranking:

01. We Don't Talk About Bruno
02. All of You
03. Waiting on a Miracle
04. Dos Oruguitas
05. Colombia, Mi Encanto
06. The Family Madrigal
07. What Else Can I Do?
08. Surface Pressure

D82 wrote:Also, I didn't expect it would include vocals at some points, like in the track called "Antonio's Voice".

That track reminded me of "Transformation" from Brother Bear.

D82 wrote:By the way, finally the reprise mentioned in the press release wasn't included, right? Or did I miss it?

I assumed they either meant the reprise of "The Family Madrigal" at the beginning of "Waiting on a Miracle" or the reprises of "The Family Madrigal" and "We Don't Talk About Bruno" in "All of You". However, after checking 'The Art of' book that seems not to be the case. It's actually a reprise of "Waiting on a Miracle" that either is in the film, but not on the soundtrack (which raises the question of why it was omitted) or it was cut from the film. Here's what the description underneath the storyboards for the reprise says. Don't worry; it's spoiler-free. "For the reprise, I wanted Mirabel to have a very magical moment, and having the house move the tiles around her was one way to do that. I started researching how the house could communicate this way, taking inspiration from videos of dominos falling and how they flipped to the other side." -Jason Hand, Head of Story.

D82 wrote:Speaking of the song, here's an interview with the singer who performs it.

"Yatra says the amazing Miranda, hand-picked him to join the film's soundtrack after listening to his song Adiós, which was nominated for a Latin Grammy." Is there any aspect of the film LMM wasn't involved with? He picked the genre, the setting, the characters, the singers, the story... He has exerted more influence on this film than even directors do. It's so weird.

D82 wrote:New featurettes.

This is the best shot of Mirabel I've seen so far.

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D82 wrote:Images and video of the Encanto artbook.

Here are some spoiler-free tidbits I found interesting from the 'The Art of' book.

• The film is set in the 1900s.
• The portrait of the man on the cover of 'The Art of' book is not Pedro but Agustin from an earlier version of the story set in 1950s. In that version, Agustin was a patriarch who found the Encanto where he built a magical home.
• In an early version of the story, the protagonist was a young woman from present times who received a magical doorknob that transported her to an unexpected world.
• At one point, Casita was an extension of Abuela and not a character with its own personality.
• At one point, Camilo was going to be an angry teen instead of the jokester he is now.
• At one point, Pepa's power was to be indestructible and she had a daredevil side to her.
• At one point, Isabela had a dorky suitor that came from the city named Bubo.

DisneyFan09 wrote:Not that I had huge expectations at all, but the songs were just passable and inferior to those who from Moana. There were a couple of songs who were better than others, but they were still overall just bland and forgettable.

Agreed. Some songs were better than others, but they were all quite mediocre and unmemorable. And yes, Moana's soundtrack was better even though that's not a very high bar to begin with.

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