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I love my new Easy DIY Hose Hanger. I’ve needed to do this for a while now, but I tend to work on fun projects that I can sell in my booth instead of must have projects for the home. Wendi’s Power Tool Challenge theme this month is Summer. I suppose a diy hose hanger fits the bill, don’t you think?

DIY Hose Hanger Post (1)

For years and years I had some ugly bushes in this spot, and the hose just sort of lived in the bushes. (way to the left of the A.C. unit in the bottom picture)

After installing the DIY picket fence, I had one 12 ft 4x4 left over. When I cleared out the carport and stored the leftover lumber I cut the 4x4 in half so it would store upright in the garage. For this diy hose hanger project I grabbed the slightly longer of the two pieces and got to work.

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The perfect spot for a DIY hose hanger

DIY Hose Hanger Post (2)The bushes have been gone for about 2 years now, and my old hose was stored in this handy hose reel. This hose reel lasted a really long time and I loved the fact that it was automatic in the fact that there was a little switch to flip that used the power of the water to ROLL your hose up by it’s own power.

My hose developed several leaks and I got a new heavy duty hose for Christmas. The new hose had large fittings that won’t fit the handy hose reel.

NOTE: how ugly the peeling paint is. Because the bushes had been in the way, the paint hadn’t been dealt with for …. ohhh….. about 20 years or so!

Post Hole Diggers

DIY Hose Hanger Post (3)The first step to installing the diy hose hanger was digging a post hole. I’ve dug a few in my day, but I have to say it never went as fast as this one did. I borrowed these post hole diggers from my neighbor Rodney, and he’s anal about keeping his tools sharp. Lucky me!

DIY Hose Hanger Post (4)It may have been overkill, but I dug the hole the full 24” that was marked on the post hole diggers handles.

DIY Hose Hanger Post (5)I used a bag of quikrete that I had left after putting up the picket fence posts. These bags of concrete are very heavy. I had 2 bags stored on a small dolly, and was able to drag one of the bags off the dolly onto this little cart to transport it from the garage to the other side of the house. There is no way I could have lifted—let alone CARRIED this bag.

Add water a little at a time

DIY Hose Hanger Post (6)Because I was unable to lift the bag into the wheel barrel to mix the quikrete, I opted for the “cheat” method of filling the hole with some water, pouring in a little of the quikrete in the hole, then adding the post.

Alternate water with Quickrete

DIY Hose Hanger Post (7)You can see I used the claw of the hammer to bust the bag, allowing the quikrete to flow directly into the post hole.

Fill only the bottom of the hole

DIY Hose Hanger Post (8)Tap, tap, tap with the hammer, makes the concrete mix pour into the post hole.

Insert DIY hose hanger post

DIY Hose Hanger Post (9)I inserted the post into the hole, then added more concrete mix, a little more water, then a little more concrete mix.

Tap Quickrete around with stick or metal pole

DIY Hose Hanger Post (10)I used a metal rod to drive the concrete into the hole and make sure it mixed well with the water. The metal rod? It’s part of an old crib that I use to paint wine bottles.

Allow post to set up

DIY Hose Hanger Post (11)Not shown—I used the level to make sure the 4x4 post was standing tall and straight. I let the concrete mix set up overnight . . . in fact I think it was two days because I was trying to figure out how I was going to actually hang the hose.

Attach hose hanger

DIY Hose Hanger Post (12)The same white Behr exterior paint that was used on the new fence was used to protect the post and make it look prettier.

I ordered the hose hanger from Amazon. The color didn't really matter, but the white one was a LOT cheaper when I ordered. It’s very strong and sturdy which was a nice bonus! A Sharpie was used to mark where I needed to drill pilot holes and secure the screws.

DIY Hose Hanger Post (13)I put a cap on the top that matches the caps on my picket fence. I was unable to use my drill to secure the screws, so I used a small wrench.

DIY Hose Hanger

DIY Hose Hanger Post (14) I spread out the dirt, scraped the old paint away and wrapped the hose around the new hose hanger. By the way, the nozzle? It came FREE with the new metal hose hanger I ordered on Amazon.

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Still on the to do list….maybe plant some flowers, or grass? I’ve already used the hose to wash away some of the dirt on the foundation, but a little paint wouldn’t hurt either.

DIY Hose Hanger Post (15)

Be sure to check out all the other wonderful SUMMER projects from my friends below.

DIY Hose Hanger Post (16)

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  1. Diane Fonner

    This is exactly what I was looking for! So simple and clean and you explained it perfectly. (ha, I may even fix the leaning mailbox one day b/c you made cement look so easy!) Now to dig thru all the tree roots clogging up my garden. ugghhh.... I don't know how the surface plants survive. It's an ancient silver maple. Provides lovely shade on the house in the afternoon, esp on these 100+ degree days, but the roots are awful.


    • Gail Wilson

      I'm happy you found this project to inspire you. Roots are the worst! Especially if you're like me and dig holes in flip flops. After several years, I am still enjoying having this handy hose hanger post in my yard to look pretty and be so functional!

      Good luck!!!


      (Video) How-To Make An Awesome Garden Hose Hanger

  2. Ann Katelyn

    It is so great and very simple.
    It will solve my problem related to my hose reel. I will make one for my garden soon.
    Thanks so much for your idea.


    • Gail Wilson

      Happy you found my tutorial helpful. It's why I do what I do. 🙂

      good luck with your project.

  3. Debbie

    So you're supposed to keep your tools sharp?!?? Love this Gail and guess who has piles of hoses laying near the spigot- me! Thanks for all the tips!


  4. Christy@Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

    This is perfect, Gail, and I am totally impressed that you can mix concrete and take photos at the same time ha ha!! Love the hanger you chose! XO




      wanna know a secret? I use my cell phone, and I have it set to be voice activated. So when I say "shoot" it snaps the picture. It really does make it a lot easier on me.

      thanks for stopping by!

  5. Marcie Lovett

    That is one fancy hose caddy! Love the way it came together.



      Thanks Marcie! It works, that's the best part for me. 🙂


      (Video) HOSE REEL UPGRADE - Custom Install with Hoselink Hose Reel

  6. Paula

    You are going to love not having your hose on the ground! It's going to be easier to use and also will be easier to keep the hose clean. (I'm not so sure why I am so particular about my hose being clean. I always spray it after I finish using it to make sure it is clean.)

    This looks so nice and I love the holder you selected. A hose hanger is definitely on our "to do" list at the lake. But we need to buy a hose first. 🙂




      You are so right, I do love not having it on the ground. even with the auto hose reel, I still had quite a bit on the ground.

      I like to keep my hose clean too.

      good luck getting a quick and easy solution at the lake.


  7. Cher @ Designs by Studio C

    This is a really great idea, Gail! It looks like it is so easy and inexpensive, and everyone needs a place to store the hose, right? I love this!



      My other hose is a pocket hose (it's on the front patio) and I don't like a lot of hose "hanging" around in that area. I've been working on a solution for that too.

      thanks Cher!



      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest project Ananda. Now I just need some grass or flowers to make the area prettier.


  8. chris aka monkey

    gail what bliss said i was ooooooing and ahhhhing over that holder too xx


  9. Marie, The Interior Frugalista

    (Video) Best Garden Hose Reel 2021

    Gail, that is a very clever idea and a pretty decorative hose holder! Ours is mounted on our vinyl siding and looks terrible so I'm really liking your idea of mounting it onto a post with a decorative post cap. Thanks for the inspiration - another item added to the To Do List!



      that dreaded to do list! Mine is growing by the day! This was a long time coming and I'm so glad it's done.

      I truly love the mounted holder.... I looked and looked for the perfect one.


  10. Mindi

    Such a great post, it is so pretty! I now feel like I could make my own, and I love how you mixed it, in the hole! Totally pinning!



      thanks for pinning Mindi.

      Those bags of concrete are soooo heavy! I was happy to have had one left over from the fence. Actually I have one more... wonder what I can do with it?


  11. Bliss

    I don't believe I've ever told someone before that I like their hose hanger.



      hahah Bliss! You crack me up!

      thanks for making me smile today (it's been a rough morning)

  12. Wendi @ H2OBungalow

    Wow, you've been busy! That's one good looking hose holder! I have the perfect spot for one too. Saving this project so I can order the hose holder you used, it's the prettiest one I've seen!



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