Apex Legends Season 10: the new legend, gun, mode and everything we know (2022)

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With the Season 10 release date approaching, stay up to date with the changes

Apex Legends Season 10: the new legend, gun, mode and everything we know (1)

The Apex Legends Season 10 release is on the horizon, bringing a new legend, map changes, a new battle pass and a new ranked grind.There have been big reveals already on the legend, Seer, and a new Light Machine Gun coming to the loot pool. As well as a ranked ranked arenas mode. The teaser rollout has been subtle, but avid players have noticed specific clues in World's Edge hinting at big changes coming. From the tremors in the tunnels to the messages in Countdown, all of this is suggesting huge changes coming to the map.

With a lot of information and a short time before the launch of Apex Legends Season 10, this guide will go through everything we know so far about the latest season.

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Apex Season 10 release date

Apex Legends Season 10 release date is scheduled for the 3rd of August across all platforms. This season will be titled Emergence, hinting at some new development for this season. A season of Apex usually lasts 90 days, with in-game teasers starting 3 weeks before the new season is said to begin.

Who is Seer, the new Apex Legend?

Apex Legends Season 10: the new legend, gun, mode and everything we know (2)

With each new season comes a new legend. Season 10’s new Legend has been announced as Seer, who uses microdrones to spot opportunities that other Legends might miss. Seer has been confirmed to be a recon legend with the following abilities:

  • Passive - Heartseeker. This allows Seer to sense the heartbeats of enemies when aiming down sights.
  • Tactical - Focus of Attention. allows Seer to send out drones to reveal the locations of enemies. His drones can also disrupt healing items and revivals, reveal the health of enemies and blocks enemies from using their abilities temporarily
  • Ultimate - Exhibit. Seer can send out hundreds of drones to create a sphere that can track all enemies within via their footsteps or their weapon fire.

These recon abilities seem to be a hybrid of both Bloodhound and Crypto, who both use tech to track and servey enemies.

Apex Legends Season 10 map changes?

Apex Legends Season 10: the new legend, gun, mode and everything we know (3)

It has been confirmed that Worlds Edge will have some big changes to its map following many in-game teasers. The tunnels seem to have many tremors, as well as Countdown and Staging showing “critical failure” on the screens, with heat signature readings suggesting... something's coming. The locations seeing the most changes this season are Refinery, Sorting Factory and Train Yard. They will all be replaced with Climatizer, Lava Siphon and Landslide. Additionally there will be a river of lava through the East Fragment, past Epicenter to the Climatizer. Unlike the lava by Harvester this will not have an updraft, it will instead inflict damage if touched.

Gondolas will be located around the map, offering safe passage to teams trying to cross the lava river. There will also be a new rotation from Geyser to Overlook with a new passage tunnel connecting the two.

Map rotations have yet to be confirmed, but map rotations are usually the same as the ranked maps for each split, so with a little investigating we’ve managed to find out the maps in the rotation will likely be Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge.

Apex Legends Season 10 new ranked mode

Apex Legends Season 10: the new legend, gun, mode and everything we know (4)

A new Apex Legends Season 10 ranked arenas mode will give players something new to compete in. The ranked mode will be separate from the Battle Royal version but the ranks are more or less the same barring some design differences.The matchmaking system will be determined by your visible rank, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters & Predator, and your matchmaking rating score. Before you can officially start your ranked grind there will be 10 placement matches to determine your MMR number.

The ranked climb will be different from the base Ranked Battle Royal. There will be no AP for kills or assists, AP will only be received if you win an Arena match. Making AP more cut and dry than regular Ranked Battle Royal points. Additionally, there will be no split for ranked arenas, meaning you can climb the ranked ladder all the way to the end of the season, however, this mode will demote you to a lower rank if AP loss is significant.

Leaver penalties will be in full swing in Ranked Arenas. The base Arenas mode saw a big problem with teammates abandoning matches without any repercussions until recently, leaving many players unsatisfied with playing Arenas. The abandonment penalty temporarily blocks the player from queuing up to any lobbies. If a teammate abandons you during a game, you receive loss forgiveness meaning you will not lose any AP.

The map rotations for Ranked Arenas will be the same as the regular Arenas mode. Party Crasher, Phase Runner, and Overflow will be in rotation along with one Battle Royal location from each of the three maps, Kings Canyon – Hillside, World's Edge – Dome and Olympus – Oasis. The BR maps will be changed every two weeks.

Lastly, similarly to BR ranked, party restrictions allow friends with a two-tier gap, Bronze to Gold, to play together, however, Platinum players and above can only play with a gap of 1 tier.

Apex Legends Season 10 Battle Royal Ranked changes

Apex Legends Season 10: the new legend, gun, mode and everything we know (5)

There are no major changes to Apex Legends Season 10 Ranked Battle Royal, however, the map rotation will be Worlds Edge for the first split and Kings Canyon for the second split. Season 10 Ranked rewards have yet to be revealed, but rumours have suggested potential hollow sprays showcasing your rank along with a skydiving trail for Diamond and above ranks.

Apex Legends Season 10 new weapon - the Rampage LMG

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There will be a new Apex Legends Season 10 gun joining the loot pool - the Rampage LMG. An invention of Rampart, the gun uses thermite grenades for extra firepower and a faster fire rate and when charged up the gun can destroy doors. Currently, the Sentinel sniper rifle is the only gun that uses non-hop-up items to increase its first power.

The Ramage will be the fourth LMG, joining the Spitfire, Devotion & LStar and will use heavy ammo. It's been suggested that the Rampage will be a slower version of the Spitfire. In the hands of Rampart especially, with her passive ability to reload faster and use larger magazines, this gun becomes a real threat for any squad.

Apex Legends Season 10 Battle Pass?

We are yet to see a full reveal on the new Apex LEgends Season 10 battle pass; however it has been confirmed that Horizon and Valkyrie will be getting legendary skins. The Battle Pass usually has 110 levels filled with legendary skins, apex coins, crafting metals, quips, banner frames and much more. Level 100 & 110 have consistently been legendary reactive gun skins, with the Volt SMG being confirmed to be this season's chosen gun.

A standard Battle Pass costs 950 apex coins, which allows you to earn points for each Battle Pass level, or you can purchase a battle pass bundle for 2,800 apex coins, which unlocks the first 25 levels.There are also free rewards available for each season’s Battle Pass, namely Legend trackers that show your team your progress for each legend that season.

Apex Legends Season 10: the new legend, gun, mode and everything we know (8)

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