17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (2023)

Next to Vases, Candle Holders are an inexpensive and easy way to add elegance and romance to any space. There are so many ways to change the look and feel of a room simply by adding beautiful candle holders on a coffee table, dining room tray, bedside table or bathroom vanity. And the candles don’t even have to be lit!

Ideal home decorating pieces to level up your interior decor style to the next level, candle holders come in a wide array of styles to choose from - you'll surely find one that fits your style to a T!

Here are a few of the Candle Holders that everyone is scrambling to get their hands on this season:

Best Unique Candles and Holders for Your Space

Retro Candle Holders

1. Retro Tulip Glass Candle Holder

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You’ll love these textured sphere-cut candle holders with their round abstract bodice. The frosted glass finish adds another rich element to the design. These candles are ideal in a living room or dining room. They look stunning as a set and equally lovely displayed solo.

2.Embossed Vintage Glass Candle Holder

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (2)

Create a chic and cozy ambiance with stunning Vintage Glass Candle Holders in striking colors. Display these gorgeous textured glass taper candle holders at the center of your dining table and cast a sophisticated glow. Intricately shaped and boasting distinct retro glamour, these divine glass candle holders will add dimension, color, and beauty to your home.

3.Brush Painted Vintage Candle Holder

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (3)

Our gorgeous brush painted wood candle holders have a vintage look and feel, painted with a matte finish for a charming effect. Beautifully crafted in several chic colors, these stylish candle holders make a lovely tablescape display. They also add instant color to an office bookcase.Take your foyer sideboard table display up one stylish level by placing one or two of these chic candle holders.

4.Brass Tower Retro Candle Holder

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (4)

Ideal for creating an elegant tablescape or decorating a living room mantel, these gorgeous retro brushed brass candlestick holders offer height, dimension, and above all, beauty to any space. Sleek, polished and oh so sophisticated, these brass candlestick holders are perfect for modern contemporary homes, art deco styles and to add a pop of visual interest to modern minimalist homes.

Wood Candle Holders

5. Conga Wooden Candle Holder

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (5)

Bring a touch of brilliance to a magnificent table setting. The timeless look of natural wood creates an ambiance of warmth and style. These candleholders have a minimalist look that still manages to capture attention. Choose one of each style and group them together for a tablescape that might just outshine the meal. These gorgeous wooden candleholders are perfect accent pieces for Nordic style homes, bringing an evocative and nostalgic touch to any table space.

6. Totem Oak Wood Candle Holder

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (6)

These chic Candle and Tea light holders are naturally beautiful accents to brighten any setting. Ideal for Farmhouse decor, they’re available in natural oak in various shapes and sizes. Handcrafted by talented wood artisans, these candle holders are statement-making on their own, serving any tablescape with charming style.

7.Monarch Wood Candle Holder

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (7)

These retro-shaped candle holders make for an eloquent centerpiece. Elegantly shaped hand-painted wooden candle holders with a smooth finish give a strong personality to your modern decor. Mix and match with other accents for a surreal landscape.These geometric candle holders add visual interest and an elegant aesthetic to any surface, and looks great on their own or with candles.

Ceramic Candle Holders

8.Abstract Arch Ceramic Candle Holder

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (8)

These Abstract ceramic candle holders deliver a striking centerpiece. Handmade with ceramic and porcelain material, these fierce accents can be used for candles or flower clippings.

9.Pin Point Ceramic Candle Holder

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (9)

Casual elegance has never looked more beautiful. A simple, handcrafted ceramic candle holder with a pinpoint spiral design brings a touch of Nordic flair to any setting. Simplicity has never been more sophisticated. Use these pretty handmade candle holders to enhance the dining table without taking away from gorgeous colorful or patterned dinnerware.

Metal Candle Holders

10.Vintage Colored Metal Candle Holder

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (10)

Add a sophisticated touch to your next dinner party with these stunning metal candle holders that ooze vintage charm. Tall and slender, these elegant candle holders will display your taper candles beautifully, offering a magnificent centerpiece on a dining table or to decorate a mantel. Choose sophisticated high gloss finishes of Rose Gold, Champagne, or Silver. Or opt for a matte Black to add modern or rustic charm to your home. Available in three sizes and sold separately. Purchase a trio for a stylish tablescape.

11.Vintage Gold Candle Holder

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (11)

These vintage candle holders have a gold-tone finish and are available in 3 heights. Placed in a cluster or alone, these candle holders are a classic decorative accent.

12.Candelabro Candle Holder

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (12)

How trendy is this awesome candelabra. This metal chandelier candle holder with an engineered shape showcases movement. It’s a unique tabletop chandelier that lightens up your table space with its feather-weight look.

Glass Candle Holders

13.Trampoline Glass Candle Holders

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (13)

Blown glass candle holders in a beautiful array of colors and acrobatic shapes are always eye-catching. Create a dynamic centerpiece by mixing and matching styles or buy in pairs for a striking centerpiece.

14.Cobalt Blown Glass Candle Holders

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (14)

These gorgeous cobalt blue glass candlestick holders are more than worthy of an invite to your next elegant dinner party. Designed to capture attention (and shed a little candlelight on your table), these exquisite blown glass holders have captivating retro shapes. Create a brilliant centerpiece by mixing the various sizes.

15. Orange Blown Glass Candle Holders

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (15)

These gorgeous borosilicate candle holders truly are a glass act. Bursting with vibrant color and style, each candle stick has a captivating silhouette that adds a joyful touch to any surface. Mix and match the vintage abstract shapes to create a head-turning tablescape that may just shine brighter than the candles they’ll contain.

16.Elle Glass Candlestick Holders

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (16)

Create a romantic or elegant setting with gorgeous crystal candle holders in all shapes and sizes. Staggered heights make a stunning display at the center of a table, along a fireplace mantel, or on a dining room sideboard. Elle candlestick holders feature graceful silhouettes fashioned from beautiful colored glass.

Polyresin Candle Holders

17.Roma Candle Holder Collection

17 Unique Candle Holders for 2022 (17)

Claim the "goddess of entertaining" title by creating an enchanting tablescape with these stunning candles and holders. Enjoy the stately look of the roman pillar holders to display taper and pillar candles or the majestic appeal of the Venus Tea-light holders. Use alone or combine multiple candle holders on a console or dining table. Duable polyresin holders have long-lasting appeal.

Simple ways to decorate with candle holders:

  • On a large flat surface such as a coffee table or patio table, use candle holders of varying heights to add depth and style to the space. Candles make any seating area (indoors or out) cozy and intimate.
  • Group tapered candle holders in metal or crystal, at the center of a dining table to cast an elegant glow at your next dinner party.
  • A simple yet elegant way to display candles and reflect the light is to place your candle holders in front of a mirror. A mirror will give the illusion that you have twice the amount of candle holders.
  • Use a vintage mirror as a candle tray. The mirror reflects the glow of the candles and ups the wow factor.
  • Use colorful candle holders to add pops of color to a space, or chic glass candle holders to add a touch of luxury.
  • Mix candle holders with vases and floral arrangements. This adds a feminine touch to a vanity table or guest bedroom.
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